Physicians Advocacy Institute

Frequently Asked Questions Updated for 2021


1. What is virtual group reporting?

  1. Virtual Group reporting was established in 2018 as a MIPS participation option. Virtual groups are defined as a combination of 2 or more TINs assigned to 1 or more solo practitioners or 1 or more groups consisting of 10 or fewer ECs. Physicians and other ECs can elect to form a Virtual Group regardless of their geographic location or specialty, and there are no limits on the number of solo practitioners and groups that can come together to form a Virtual Group. However, you can only participate in 1 Virtual Group per performance year.

    Unlike the group participation option which is limited to physicians under the same TIN/practice, Virtual Groups participation option allows multiple solo practitioners and small practices to come together “virtually” with each other to participate and have their performance assessed collectively as a group in all four MIPS categories. For additional information, see PAI’s Virtual Groups Overview

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