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Physicians Advocacy Institute

Employed Physician Advocacy/Tools

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The PAI believes in promoting physicians’ ability to practice medicine in a variety of practice settings, from small group practices to highly integrated health systems.

As government and private payers continue to adopt incentives and policies that favor integrated health care delivery systems, physicians can expect to be courted as prospective employees by health systems and hospitals aiming to position themselves competitively in marketplace. However, a physician’s decision to enter into an employment agreement involves a uniquely complex set of contractual, financial and ethical considerations.

To help physicians navigate these waters, PAI will work to develop resources that provide practical information about how to make decisions that align with long-term professional goals and financial interests.

PAI has developed a resource for physicians contemplating employment entitled “Physician Employment: Top Five Issues to Consider.” To inform the resource, PAI surveyed physicians and physicians’ counsel across the nation to identify the five most critical issues for physicians to consider when negotiating an employment agreement. These top issues are: Autonomy, Compensation, Influence, Governance and Due Process.

The PAI resource and supporting materials are available for state medical associations to utilize in coordination with PAI as “co-branded” resources for physicians. For more information, contact Kelly Kenney, PAI Counsel at