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Frequently Asked Questions Updated for 2022


6. Even if I am exempt from MIPS participation, can I still report? If so, am I eligible for / subject to an adjustment? What are the pros and cons of reporting if exempt?

  1. Yes, physicians who are exempt from MIPS participation can still choose to report individually by submitting data on MIPS measures to receive feedback from CMS, either voluntarily or by opting into MIPS participation.

    Physicians who report voluntarily are not eligible for/subject to positive or negative payment adjustments. Voluntary reporting will enable physicians to receive feedback on performance in preparation for future participation in MIPS or to meet quality requirements for an Advanced APM.
  2. Continuing in 2022, physicians who meet at least one low-volume threshold (but not all) also have the option to opt-in to MIPS. If a physician opts-in, they will be scored in 2022 for all MIPS performance measures and will be subject to a payment adjustment in 2024. You must log-in to the QPP Portal to elect the opt-in option.

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