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Frequently Asked Questions Updated for 2020


2. Can I use the same G-codes for claims reporting in 2020 as I did for 2019 reporting?

  1. Sometimes “G-codes” or quality data codes used for claims-based reporting are retired or amended from one year to the next. In general, physicians should verify that the measure specifications and quality data codes for each measure have remained the same. This verification process should be conducted annually using the most current measure specifications document per measure for the current performance year to avoid using codes that are no longer valid and consequently, failing your reporting for the affected measure under the MIPS quality category.

    To determine if these have remained the same, please see the measure specifications available CMS QPP Resource Library. In these zip files you will find the reporting specifications for each measure for claims and registry reporting, along with flow-chart diagrams from CMS that walk you through the specifications and reporting.

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