Physicians Advocacy Institute

Frequently Asked Questions Updated for 2020


3. How many measures am I required to report?

  1. Unlike the 2017 transition year, physicians no longer have the option to “test” participate in the program and avoid a negative payment adjustment by reporting 1 measure for 1 patient or partially participate by reporting data for only a 90-day performance period. The 2020 MIPS quality category has a full-year performance period ranging from January 1, 2020 – December 31, 2020. This year, physicians may choose to report data on quality measures at the individual, group, or Virtual Group level using one reporting mechanism.

    To meet data submission requirements and data completeness criteria, physicians must report at least 6 measures, or one specialty measure set, and report each measure for at least 70% of applicable patients. In addition to the 6-measure requirement, groups of 16 or more eligible clinicians and that meet a case minimum of at least 200 cases, will be subject to the 30-day all-cause hospital readmission measure. This measure will automatically be calculated using administrative claims data and would be counted in addition to the quality reporting requirement.

    Note: Those reporting data via the CMS Web Interface and/or CAHPS for MIPS survey must report on additional measures and for different timeframes. For details, refer to the Web Interface Measures and Supporting Specifications.

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