Physicians Advocacy Institute

Frequently Asked Questions Updated for 2020


6. I am part of a multispecialty practice, does everyone in the practice have to report on the same measures?

  1. In a multi-specialty practice, you are not required to submit broadly-applicable measures that apply to all the specialists within your group. You can select measures which apply to some specialists but not others. However, it will be important to note that the same aggregate score will apply across the practice to all eligible clinicians regardless of the measures reported (and the specialists who report them).

    Alternatively, if you are part of a multispecialty group, you do not have to report as a group, you can each report individually. If you select the individual participation option then you can report the measures that are applicable to your specialty.

    However, if you are a group of 25 or more who is participating using the CMS Web Interface, then you will all report on the same set of measures.

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